Get Ready for June 11, iPhone and iPad Owners

Scott Forstall introduces iOS 4 at WWDC on June 4 2011

Scott Forstall introduces iOS 4 at WWDC on June 4 2011

This may be a minority viewpoint — in fact, I’m positive it’s a minority viewpoint — but I get far more excited about new versions of Apple’s iOS than I do about new iPhones and iPads. There’s only so much Apple can do to reinvent hardware that will always consist of thin slabs of glass and metal, but the potential to improve iOS is infinite.

So I’m excited about the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC for short. The company announced that it was holding the 2012 edition starting on June 11 in San Francisco this morning — presumably kicking off with a big keynote with lots of news — less than two hours later, the event sold out.

Apple’s WWDC site doesn’t explicitly say that it will be unveiling iOS 6 at the conference, but it seems like a good bet. With only six weeks to go until WWDC, the company surely isn’t going to hold another event to introduce the new version. And it needs to give developers the details and distribute beta versions so that the software is ready for the release of the new iPhone later this year.

(At least I’m assuming that when the the new iPhone shows up, it’ll be running a new version of iOS.)

At some point between now and June 11, I’ll share more thoughts about what I’d like to see in the new version of iOS — most of which involve making the iPad into an even more remarkable personal-computing device. But if you’ve got an iOS wish list of your own, I’d love to hear it right now in the comments.



Samsung’s MV800 camera wins award



Samsung Mv800

Samsung Mv800

Islamabad—Samsung’s trendsetting MultiView MV800 anticipates the future of innovative compact cameras.

Samsung Pakistan’s Managing Director, Mr. John Park said; “We are extremely proud of winning this prestigious award. This clearly showcases our continuous commitment to producing innovative and cutting-edge digital imaging products that are smarter, simpler and fun to use.” Continue reading

5 Reasons to Give Google Drive a Shot.

Google Drive

Google Drive image

Google Drive, the company’s answer to online storage tools like Dropbox,, SugarSync and Microsoft’s SkyDrive, arrived yesterday afternoon as forecast, though with little ceremony.

It wasn’t…then suddenly it was, offering 5GB of free online, synchronized storage, no strings attached, with competitive upgrade prices if you need more, from 25GB on up to 1TB. Continue reading

Samsung announces quad-core chip for Galaxy S phone


Samsung hints at what’s coming for Galaxy S3 phone with new quad-core chip.

by Brooke Crothers

Samsung's quad-core Exynos chip is headed to a new Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung's quad-core Exynos chip is headed to a new Galaxy smartphone.

Electronics heavyweight Samsung will put quad-core silicon in its next Galaxy smartphone, upping the ante for mobile performance. Continue reading

Number Cruncher


In Xander Hurley’s job, two things are certain – his code either works or it doesn’t. And it’s a world in which his deafness is no obstacle, he tells Leo Benedictus

Software Engineer

A happy Software Engineer

So … I pause, because this is a question I have dreaded asking. Erm … what does a software engineer actually do? Xander Hurley stares quizzically across the table. He is a long-limbed young man, with floppy blond hair and blue shirt. He has already explained how he meets clients, discusses with them what they need, and then goes out and makes it for them. Continue reading

Apple doubles quarterly profits to $11.6bn (£7.2bn)



Apple has reported its profits almost doubled in the first three months of

Apple Profit

Apple shares have fallen 13% in recent weeksthe year.

Apple said its net profit came in at $11.6bn (£7.2bn), up from $6bn in the same period last year and much better than had been expected.

The technology giant sold 35 million iPhones in the quarter, which was also almost double the level from a year ago.
Apple shares rose more than 7% to $601 in after-hours trading. Continue reading

Google Drive to offer free storage in the cloud



Google has launched a new consumer service offering up to 16TB


Google's rate for 100GB of space is cheaper than Dropbox but more expensive than SkyDrive

(terabytes) of storage for photos and other online content.

Dubbed Google Drive, the service goes head to head with rival cloud services such as Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

It offers 5GB (gigabytes) of storage for free. People pay on a rising scale for more space.

Experts say that Google is “late” to the market. Continue reading