Iqra Fund Scholarship Program for Girls of Hunza and Gojal 2012.

Girls’ Scholarship  For Students of Hunza Gojal by Iqra Fund :

Download Scholarship Form Here:

(1) Download Application Form. PDF

(2) Download Application Form. DOC

Please Read The Above Criteria and Scholarship Policy:

  1. Iqra Fund Scholarship will be provided to needy meritorious Girls from Hunza Attabad affected regions
  2. Scholarship will be provided to Class 9th, 10th ,11th and 12th students
  3. The applicant should be from Attabad affected remote village of Upper Hunza (Gojal).
  4. The applicant should get the admission acceptance letter from any reputed School or College in Hunza Gilgit Region in order to get shortlisted for the scholarship
  5. Iqra Fund scholarship program may cover the student’s admission fee, tuition fee and hostel boarding fee based on the applicant’s financial status and Iqra Fund’s management decision.
  6. In order to get shortlisted for the Iqra Fund scholarship the students past 3 years educational history or result cards must be provided.
  7. Iqra Fund will not responsible for the applicants hostel admission.  Parents or guardians of the students are requested to arrange accommodation for the students on their own responsibility and provide the payment receipt to Iqra Fund representative for receiving of Funds.
  8. Scholarship will be provided on need and merit to limited number students by the decision of Iqra Fund Scholarship Program Management, the students will be notified through letter or a phone call by the Iqra Fund Representative.
  9. Iqra Fund will not be responsible for the applicants health issues, hospitalization costs or any other costs except educational expenses
  10. Iqra Fund scholarship managing body has the rights to withdraw, regret or cancel the student’s funds at any time.
  11. The scholarship fund of the students will be directly paid to the institutions through bank cheque or draft
  12. The deadline for this application to be received by Iqra Fund is 20th August 2012.  Extensions 

Please download the form, scan the completed application, and send it to the email,, or your local Iqra Fund representative.  Thank you!


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